How to write a proper bibliography:  BIBLIOGRAPHY FORMAT

Website tracking-This helps with your bibliography.  Write down the information as you visit webpages: Website tracking

EasyBib-online citation tool-Make sure you edit and enter the correct information.

8th graders:  Inventor’s Logs


24 Responses to Resources

  1. mariel says:

    should i give u the url’s of the websites i find? Cuse I dont know how to fill out the sheet of WEBSITE TRACKING.

  2. tifftai says:

    yes, just the URLs. don’t worry about the website tracking form because it just helps you get the information you need for the bibliography. let’s just skip to the bibliography.
    For the Bibliography you will need…
    1) Author of the webpage (if you can find it…otherwise just write “Author Unknown”
    2) The Title of the Website (For example, the title of this website is “Middle School Science At Synergy School)
    3) Date the page was last updated (sometimes found at the bottom of the page)
    4) The date YOU viewed the page.
    5) The URL

    *So just start with the URLs and I’ll do an example for you.
    PS. I’m going for a bike ride so I’ll get back to you in a couple hours.

  3. mariel says:

    ok thaks… have fun

  4. mariel says:

    thanks with the steps i managed to figuare it out.. got 1 source 🙂

  5. mariel says:


  6. tifftai says:

    it may not be relevant for you. just skip it and move onto the next step.

  7. ladislao rodriguez says:

    tiff i don’t have the electric charge book directions, can you tell me them.

    • tifftai says:

      1) Each page should cover one of these concepts. Include a drawing or a diagram to help with the explanation. Use your readings to help you.

      • Cover page
      • Two kinds of Electric charges
      • The Law of Electric Charges
      • How can charges move? (Make a separate page for each)
      o Two objects rubbing together
      o Induction
      o Conduction
      • How does lightning form?
      • Insulators vs. Conductors

  8. jolie says:

    ahhh…..tiff the test is 2marro and i dont know how to study….can i have some home work sheets to look at to see what some questions are like the yellow pac we did in class and for hw where we had to measure time and speed and distance

    • tifftai says:

      Hi Jolie,
      So, hw#2, #3, and #4 will help you. if you have your journal, you should look at the class work “faster than a speeding bullet”, “graphing speed and acceleration” and the “ultimate accelerator”
      the homework sheets can be downloaded here on the blog. you might just have to scroll down to find them. use your practice problems….cover up the answers and solve them again. you have the correct answers to check with. also, use the blue sheet study guide handed out in class. write notes under the questions. hope that helps. let me know if you need any more help.

  9. maxmichio says:

    what are the reqirments for the science fair work due twomarrow

  10. maxmichio says:

    where is it?

  11. maxmichio says:

    on the web site

  12. maxmichio says:


  13. Peter says:

    Hey Tiff
    I want to cite a magazine in my bibliography. should I cite it as a book?????

  14. Gabriel MK says:

    There’s a website I need to cite that has 20+ authors (including a few anonymous). Should put *Various Authors* or should I cite all of them (if so how do you cite an anonymous author?)

  15. Gabriel MK says:

    Like this?
    Name, Fake et al.

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