Elective classes occur Tuesday and Friday afternoon.  Each session is 9 classes long.  We have a variety of classes ranging from Felted animals to web design.  The full course description is available here: 2012-2013 Elective Course Description

Students will rank their choices before each session. All students must take ONE Art Fundamentals class with Daryl, our new art teacher.

I will post elective lists here as the sessions come up.


12 Responses to Electives

  1. Emmy says:

    Remakeit is really fun!

  2. Kalya says:

    i loved martial arts

  3. Allison says:

    Tiff, will there be another re-make it elective. if so when is it. it sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. tifftai says:

    i’ll teach another one next year.

  5. Avi Hoen says:

    Re make it was totally awesome tiff. I loved it. you should teach it agian. I loved the yarn thing with the balloons

  6. Dylan says:

    Im mad that Dave didn’t come to my elective

  7. Gabriel says:

    I agree with Dylan that it is entirely DISAPPOINTING THAT DAVE DID NOT SHOW UP. By the way, the printmaking elective was Extremely fun.

  8. Kalya says:

    when are we getting our new electives????????

  9. paulina says:

    I Loooooove my elective its cool!!!!!

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