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Random science-related videos for your enjoyment and procrastination

Minus Green Evolution! Dancing Amoeba Fire-Proof Balloons Steve Spangler + Evolution of Dance guy= Explosion +Disappearing Act Advertisements

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Cell biology Quiz Study Guide

THE QUIZ IS ON MONDAY! Review your readings, homework, class work, and journal notes.  You should know the following concepts:  *Advantages of being multi-cellular vs. single-celled- You should be able to explain what these advantages are and why  *The differences … Continue reading

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Homework for the Week of Dec. 5

1)  Read “Light and Color” 2)  Complete HW#11: Life in Technicolor Due date: Block I: next Monday, Dec. 19 (No regular block class on Wed. because of St. Francis Caroling) Block II: Friday, Dec. 9 Block III: Thursday, Dec. 8 … Continue reading

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Open House

On Oct. 15, you and your family can check out an internationally renowned science lab! The lab was founded in 1931 and it is considered a major international center for physics research.  The Laboratory’s 14 scientific divisions are organized within … Continue reading

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Historic Worldwide Earthquakes

Click link here for a list of historic worldwide earthquakes For the mapping, you can enter the latitude and longitude into Google maps .

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Let’s start by clicking on this link to see a sample glog: You will create your own glog.  Find your assigned login name from the page on the top of the blog titled “Glogster”. Go to and enter … Continue reading

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8th grade Science Newsflash project

Here are the links for the Science News website: Science News For Kids: Science News: Science in the SF Chronicle: National Geographic Explorer: Discover Magazine: NYTimes-Science: How to write a bibliography:  BIBLIOGRAPHY FORMAT

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