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Understanding Geologic Time

We had a whirlwind introduction to geologic time last week! Hopefully, the timeline in the class room, your readings, and the “Great fossil find” activity helped to introduce the concept of fossils and geologic time.  If you’re looking for more … Continue reading

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Images of folds and faults

What kind of folds or faults do you see here? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Answer Key

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Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle

*How igneous rocks are formed *How sedimentary rocks are formed *How metamorphic rocks are formed Examples of igneous rock Granite: Basalt: Examples of sedimentary rock Limestone: Chert: Examples of metamorphic rock Schist (green): Marble:

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Information about the Japan Earthquake

(Sorry, I didn’t get this info up earlier, but better late than never.) Here’s a link to the NY Times interactive website that explains the geology behind the Japan Earthquake. Check here to see the satellite footage of the terrible … Continue reading

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Homework for the Week of April 25

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Hope it was fun and restful. It’s time for us to wrap up the Geology unit (I know, it flew by!) so here’s your homework! 1)  Complete Geology Study Guide Due date: Block I: Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Getting prepared for earthquakes and other emergencies

Is your family prepared in case of an earthquake? What supplies or plans will you need for a good emergency plan? Check out these websites to help you family get prepared! An excellent site from SF County to help … Continue reading

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Volcano Song!

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