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On this blog, you will be able to:

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  • Download homework sheets.
  • Find interesting links to help you learn more about the units we’re studying.
  • Read about current science news.
  • Smile at pictures and video posted from class.
  • Send comments, questions, and links to Tiff.

*Please note that there are links to blogs from previous school years.  Feel free to check them out.

*On the Musical notes:  All of the homework is named after song/album titles, or band names.  Geeky, I know.  In any case, I’ve added Musical Notes in case anybody is interested in learning more about music.  It doesn’t all have to be about science…  🙂

*If you are outside of the Synergy school community, please use the resources here and I welcome any feedback.

Energy bars…give me energy! Chemical energy converts into kinetic energy!

Energy Game


126 Responses to About

  1. koby says:

    hey tiff can you post the readings please i cant do homework while i’m sick if there is no reading link

    • tifftai says:

      hey koby
      sorry to hear that you’re sick. i can’t post the readings because i need to scan them and there are copyright issues. see if you can ask a parent to stop by to pick them up.
      hope you feel better soon!

      • ELE SALIF HOWELL says:

        hey tiff this is ele I have a science test tomarow and i was wondering if i had to be able to know how to do the chemical reaction thing (H2O + CO2 ect..) or can i just memorize it?

      • tifftai says:

        You just need to able to recognize the molecules and what they mean. You don’t need to be able to balance the chemical equation. Good luck!

  2. Sofia =) says:

    hello tiff!
    I like this blog! its very….. shiny
    i would like to request that we turn the science fair into one big (birthday) party (for me)
    if that doesnt work out i completely understand! (kinda)
    anyways i just came to check out the blog. if you find this post worthless and a waste of your time im truly very sorry

  3. Allison says:

    Love the blog. Very informative! Just decided explore the internet(I’m incredibly bored).

    Love, Allison

  4. peter says:

    hey tiff- i got a 4.9 on the carbon calculator!

  5. Gabriel says:

    I can tell I’m not the first person to say, “Hey Tiff!” or “Hi Tiff!” (literally). The blog is pretty TIGHT. I still think you should post the readings (following up on Koby’s post). The blog is FANTASMIC (even though I don not think it is a word).


    • Kaliah says:

      Really Gabriel? FANTASMIC??? Tiff putting the readings on the blog would be helpful but people should have them. SCIENCE IS FUN! TIFF ROCKS!

      -KK 🙂

  6. Gabriel says:

    Hey Tiff.
    You should make the *RESOURCE PAGE* the Science Fair page.
    Good job keeping up the site. 🙂 😛

  7. Kailan says:

    How many Hypothesis’s do we have to have for the mystery tube project???

    • tifftai says:

      you need to have a least one. if you have more than one, make sure you test all of them and make observations.

      • Kailan says:

        Hey Tiff. the blog said that I have a homework due on Tuesday, “fluids and pressure”??? I don’t remember getting that homework, but I do remember getting the newtons law book homework…

        Please help me

  8. Kailan says:

    Tiff I don’t know when the second glog is due. Please help me.

  9. Kailan says:

    Tiff I could not complete all of the purple homework sheet because I was not there in class for the chart.

  10. Mariel says:

    hi tiff so for the project “An element research project” on the index cards on the back for the information do we write horizontal | or vertical – i put the this thing – and this thing | because i wanted to make sure i got them right:). Oh also do we write in full paragraphs or or do we write the question and than the facts/ answers?

    • tifftai says:

      good questions. you can either write horizontally or vertically. whatever is neater for you. either write in full paragraphs or make headings for the facts. it needs to make sense to someone who just flips the card over and looks at it.

  11. Maya R. says:

    Hi Tiff! So I am doing the purell vs soap and water project. On my plan, it said that I would use the same doorknob for all of the trials. But I think that if I do that, the doorknob will get cleaner and cleaner each trial because I’m rubbing off the bacteria in the previous trials. So I was wondering if, instead of doing all 4 trials on the same door, I could use 4 different doors and each sanitizer would have one trial per door. This way, each sanitizer has 4 trials, one on each door. Also, I would rotate the order in which the sanitizers are used so that one sanitizer doesn’t always get more bacteria to clean than the other sanitizer. And one last question- I am doing a trial where there is no sanitizer being used. I think that that trial should always go first or last. Which do you think I should do?

    • tifftai says:

      sounds like a good plan. when you are swabbing for the no-sanitizer trials, do it at the same time as the other two. hope that helps to answer your question. have a nice weekend!

  12. Noah says:

    Hey tiff,
    I’m feeling pretty special right now seeing that im commenting on the one and only tif’s blog.. I’m wondering if there is gonna be any block changes since half days on the week of the 28-4. I would like to know as soon as possible because i have a ton of tests next week (5) please respond as soon as you can.

    Everybody who wants you to postpone this test till the end of the year


  13. Maya R. says:


  14. Kailan says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Ummmm I kind of can’t find the reading called Elements. Can I get one on monday from you?

    Oh and for my science fair project, do I have to measure the runners foot/ Or can I just write their shoe size?????

    • tifftai says:

      yes, just remind me to copy it for you. i think you should actually measure their foot length, not their shoe size. especially at your age, you guys tend to have shoe sizes slightly bigger than your foot.

  15. Mariel says:

    Hi tiff so i was wondering of I could stay in on Tuesday lunch, so I could do my science experiment. If I can stay in and do that, that would be really helpful. :).

  16. Mariel says:

    I have another question, for the website tracking is Youtube one? I’m asking that because all of the music that i am using for my experiment is from Youtube. Or is the website tracking thing about your project and research behind your project?

  17. Mariel says:

    I have one more question, for my experiment can i just do 5 girls and 5 boys, or do i have to do 5 7th graders and 5 8th graders? for the girls and boys it is going to be 7th graders, if i can do that.

  18. Mariel says:

    Okay this is probally the last question, we can name our experiment different than our question right? I forgot.

  19. Kailan says:

    Hey tiff I have one more question. What classes am I going to have on Monday?

  20. Mariel says:

    hi Tiff,
    For the test am i supposed to memorize the groups 1, 2,17 and 18, like what they are… meaning group 1 alkali metals, 2- Alkali earth metals, 17- Halogens and 18- The noble gases?

  21. tifftai says:

    yes, like that. for example…alkali metals are soft, shiny and high reactive; alkaline metals are too. alkali metals all have one valence electron, alkaline metals have two. halogens are non-metals so they are not malleable or ductile. halogens are reactive and they have 7 valence electrons. noble gases are not reactive and have a full set of valence electrons. they are all colorless odorless gases.

  22. Mariel says:

    hi Tiff,
    So if I didn’t finish my Science experiment, that means I can turn in the Results and Observations. I understand that it’s not required but if I finish my experiment soon, can I turn it into you kind of after tomorrow, and have you check it? In case I did anything wrong.

  23. Mariel says:

    Hi tiff,
    So wait if I didn’t finish my experiment than I just fill out the observations on what I have so far?

    • tifftai says:

      Just write down what you have so far. You can always turn in the results and conclusion after. I just need a few days to correct it.

      • Mariel says:

        okay sounds good. Thanks.

      • Mariel says:

        Oh wait do you think for my experiment that I should use any graph thing or should I write it because, I think a graph is good but there would have to be 10 1 for each person. Nooo actually never mind I will write it as notes, and maybe put it all together for the Results.

      • tifftai says:

        do you have measurements? if so, a graph might be useful to summarize the results. but for the observations, you can just write it out. I’ll help you if you’re not sure how to do the graph.

  24. Mariel says:

    Okay thanks, yeah I probally might need help on the graph for the resutls if I come to school a little early could that work? by the way I know this online free website that has a lot of different graph’s to help you make them. But I still need you help…this is the website incase you were wondering what is was…http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/default.aspx

  25. Mariel says:

    TIFF, i really messed up. So for the science cartoon for the bibliography i wrote down the image URL when I made the image bigger! And i just read the bibliography format thing because i’m doing it now, and it says cite the image in its original context. do not provide the URL of the enlarged image. I didn’t do that so what do I do now?

  26. Mariel says:

    Hi Tiff,
    So I didn’t turn in my Results and my Conclusion in the rough draft. So do you think that if you can I could turn it into you on Monday if you have time to correct it? Or do you think that I will be fine with no corrections? Or maybe I could just show you them on Monday and you could tell me what I should do better and stuff. Instead of correcting it? Well whatever works for you will be cool with me. Thanks.

  27. Zach G says:

    Hey Tiff,
    I am looking through the final checklist for my invention and one of the things I have to write about is “Product testing.” That’s fine except I’m not sure what to write for this if my invention does not really work very well at all..
    What should I do?

  28. Mariel says:

    I also need help on the Results. Im not sure how I should do it with a graph or sumarize with a few sentences.

  29. KAilan says:

    Hey tiff, um I found some stuff about runners and why they started kneeling down, should I put that in my research, or should i put it in a thing called “other facts”?
    Please help

  30. Noah Boden-Gologorsky says:

    WOW…… Mariel i saw like 14 different questions from you…. stalker? loloolololololzzzzzzzzzz……… tehe

  31. Noah Boden-Gologorsky says:

    Tiff, how do i vote for you for the stemposium thing?

  32. Mariel says:


    • tifftai says:

      THANK YOU! You guys are the best! I heard the chat room was busy and you were all showing the love. Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without you!

  33. Mariel says:

    Hi Tiff,
    So for the hw “Shake Your Rump” for question 1. where it says other earthquake characteristics. What do you mean? Like just other things about the earthquake?

  34. Mariel says:

    hello!!!! TIFFF!!!!!!!
    Well what I really came here for was to ask for one of the questions on the study guide was “How do seismologists locate the starting point of an earthquake” Well my answer was (They use seismographs to find a earthquakes epicenter. Also they figure out the lag time between the S-wave and P-waves.) Im not sure if that is right so can you help. and also what are other possible answers for that question?

  35. Zach G says:

    hey tiff
    i lost the 5″ by 8″ card with all my notes on it for the upcoming test. So I don’t have the card you gave out in class; is it okay if I use my own?
    uhg now I have to take all the notes over again..

    • tifftai says:

      yes, just use your own. sorry you have to write it out again. maybe since you’ve done it once, you won’t have to write as much! see you tomorrow!

  36. Mariel says:

    Hi Tiff,
    Do you have a bibliography format sheet? Because I need one for the Histroy Fair. And I kinda threw mine away:).

  37. Mariel says:

    hola tiff,
    so I feel like my science journal is at school in my lubby, but I was wondering if you took any home cause if you could check if my was there that would be great, because I look in my back pack and my room and house and its not here…AND IM FREAKING OUT!

  38. Mariel says:

    Hey tiff,
    I think im still your nummber one blog fan. But I waswondering if on monday morning you could help me with a question on the hw cause its like really confusing me.

  39. Bella.s. says:

    Hey tiff!!! i left my homework folder at school, do you know when people would be there and i could go and get it?? is there going to be someone there tonight or tomarrow??

    • tifftai says:

      Hi Bella!
      Lucky you, I’ll be there tomorrow (Monday). I’ll be there from 11am-4pm. The gate will be open and I think since it’s a Monday, your door code will work. I’ll be in the science room. Just stop in to say hi!

  40. ELE SALIF HOWELL says:

    hey tiff tiff tiff

    are there any block changes for next week beacuse i think there is no school on thurday or friday nd half of wednesday….. so hopefully nope.

  41. Noah Shin says:

    Heeeeeey Tiff,
    Do could you get the botany study guide on the blog as fast as you can? I don’t have mine and the document isn’t attached.

  42. Mariel says:

    TIFF hi.
    okay so tomarrow this doesnt have to do with science but its a question.. so!
    Tomarrow do we have block class if not what are we doing? Cause I have to plan out my hw!

    • tifftai says:

      No block class tomorrow. If you’re not caroling, we’ll make those orange clove ornaments in the morning and then, I’ll bet you have some combination of math, PE and study hall, and probably some Spanish- Sog, Nate, and Mel are staying behind.

  43. izzygsa says:

    Hi tiff,
    Im sick and having a lot of trouble with the invention plan because of the extra issues of scaling measurements and deciding on proper materials for the scale model… can we talk in hw club tomorrow?

  44. izfoshiz(izzy) says:

    Hi Tiff,
    I had an extremely busy weekend and early week, what with the CAT-6 test, my lick interview, an unexpected art class, orthodontist visits and violin. Could I possibly turn in the third chapter of the light book on Friday? I will try my hardest to finish all three chapters, but I may not be able to…

  45. Mariel says:

    okay so like for the light activity book if i wasnt here for a class work thing should I just like get help from a friend or wait till Tuesday??

  46. tifftai says:

    Which class work did you miss?

  47. Mariel says:

    Okay thanks.

  48. Ladis says:

    Hey Tiff, I can’t find my light book worksheets. I was wondering if I can get an extension to Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • tifftai says:

      At this point, no extension. If you need the directions, you can download it from the blog. I will send blank worksheets home with your mom. For the big picture, you’ll get 1 point off for lateness, but as long as the content is complete, you’ll have no problem.

  49. Ladis says:

    Oh ok, I’ll try my best to finish up. Thanks.

  50. isamk says:

    Hi tiff. I was working on my light book title. I know it needs to be named after a band or song. When researching possible names I found that the “Double rainbow” video had been remixed, turned into a song and that it was on I Tunes. Does it qualify?

  51. oustim says:

    hi tiff i like science

  52. Mariel says:

    hi Tiffffff
    Okay so I dont know what I should reasarch for my invention. I need help!

  53. Roland-pharo white says:

    hey tiff, whats up? i really don’t have any questions so….yeah bye tiff 🙂

  54. Mariel says:

    heeeyy Tiff,
    Hows your weekened?! OKayyy so like im doing my Invention Final draft and I came across reseacrch! So i know what im researching (History of the Hanger, Different kinds of hangers) So for that part im not sure what I should do?

  55. Mariel says:

    Tiff what does ATP mean?

  56. oustim says:

    hey tiff i forgot homework 25 can i work in or something to comeplete it because it did not get it

    • tifftai says:

      You can download it, just scroll down to last week. If you don’t have the reading, you’ll have to get it in the morning and stay in at snack.

  57. oustim says:

    ok thanks

  58. paulina says:

    hey tiff,
    okay so i put a pill in my cold glass of water and its pushing out why is that????????
    btw SCIENCE ROCKS!!!!! =)

  59. isamk says:

    Hey Tiff!!!! I just wanted to let you know I got a 31/35 on my first quiz in anatomy and physiology!!!! And Liana says hi!!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!!

  60. isamk says:

    Hey Tiff!!!! I just wanted to let you know I got a 31/35 on my first quiz in anatomy and physiology!!!! And Liana says hi!!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!!!

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