Here are some great animations and images to show you how lighting forms.

In this animation, you can see the stepped ladders and streamers. When they meet, the lightning strikes!

Here you can see where the light begins and how it travels upwards towards the clouds

Now let's watch the action!

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4 Responses to Lightning!

  1. Isaiah says:

    tifff I left my science book at school i could make the ages and staple it tomorrow but the prob;lem is i dont remember what im supposed to put in the book can you upload the requirments please im on a contract and i dont want to get it back late thank you

    • tifftai says:

      Look under the homework for April 15th. It’s posted there. Don’t forget about the other late homework too.

      • Isaiah says:

        tiff for some reason it won’t download like everytime i download it, when i open it, it comes up as all this were like numbers and symbols

      • tifftai says:

        i can open it on my computer and my phone. but here it is:
        1) Each page should cover one of these concepts. Include a drawing or a diagram to help with the explanation. Use your readings to help you.

        • Cover page
        • Two kinds of Electric charges
        • The Law of Electric Charges
        • How can charges move? (Make a separate page for each)
        o Two objects rubbing together-Friction
        o Induction
        o Conduction
        • How does lightning form?
        • Insulators vs. Conductors

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