Google Doodle of the Day

Today’s Google Doodle honors a prolific mathematician, Leonard Euler who lived from 1707 to 1783.  He is known to some as the greatest mathematician of all time.  He was the first to use Venn diagrams!  And he published over 850 papers and books despite going blind in his mid-50s.  He also helped to further develop Newton’s 2nd law of motion.  More info here.

For more Google doodles from the past, check out this link.

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2 Responses to Google Doodle of the Day

  1. Helen Keacher says:

    Tiffanie is such an outstanding teacher. I really hate to lose her.

    • tifftai says:

      thank you so much! i’m so sad to leave! but hoping to keep this blog….or start a new one, still with science stuff. thanks for following along!

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