Climate Change Book- Final Project

Here’s a link to the Climate Hot Map where you will begin your research.

Climate Change 101-Draft

Other resources:

Bibliography for your readings:

Tanaka, Shelly.  Climate Change. Canada: Groundwood Books, 2006.

Silverstein, Alvin, Virginia B. Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn. Global Warming. Minneapolis, MN: Twenty-First Century, 2003.

Ornes, Stephen. “Sea Changes.” Science News for Kids. The Society for Science & The Public, 7 Apr. 2011. 13 Jan. 2013. <;.


Some of you were interested in an update from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.  Here are a few updates from the TED talks(2008 and 2009 respectively.)

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19 Responses to Climate Change Book- Final Project

  1. maxm says:

    for the climate change project, front cover, do we make up the name and slogan?

  2. asya says:

    Hey tiff for the solutions to help our country or region can we do more than one for example: building more hospitals and insurance for property at a low cost? thank you

  3. Ninarose says:

    Hey Tiff
    Trying to find solution for my religion is a bit confusing. Could we talk about it some more before school starts?

  4. spencer says:

    Tiff, If you get five minutes, try listening to this. You need to where headphones and close/cover your eyes.

  5. says:

    Tiff should the introduction go on the cover page or on a separate page by itself?

  6. says:

    Tiff can you post the bibliography for the packet about greenhouse gases?

  7. elon2000 says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Can you please post the Climate Change 101: Draft on the Blog when you have a chance.



  8. Miranda says:

    Hi Tiff,
    How long should the whole book be? I think I have everything I need, and mine is almost 6 pages not including the cover. Is that a good length? Should it be shorter? Longer? I know that everyones will be different, i just wanted to know about how long it should be.

    • tifftai says:

      There is no page requirement. You re generally pretty thorough so I wouldn’t worry about. Just proofread and ask yourself if you’ve explained enough to someone who knows nothing about climate change, your community, and how your solution will work.

  9. spencer says:

    Tiff, I have a lot of questions about the book, can I get an extension to come and talk to you?

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