Homework for the Week of Nov. 12


Block I: Wednesday, Nov. 14

Block II: Friday, Nov. 13

Block III: Thursday, Nov. 14

Concepts to know:

  •  How the Human Body is organized
  •  Major organ systems and their function
  • Integumentary system: Structure (Layers of skin, Hair, Nails) and Function
  • Skeletal system: Structure (parts of a bone, bones of the body, tendons, ligaments) and Function
  • Muscular system: Structure (Smooth, Cardiac, and Skeletal muscle) and Function


Block I/III- This was assigned last week.

1)  Read “Respiratory System”

2)  Complete HW#12: Every Breath You Take

3)  Study for quiz-see above for concepts to know

Due Date:

Block I: Wednesday, Nov. 14

Block II: Friday, Nov. 16

Block III: Thursday, Nov. 15


3)  Read “The Nervous System”

4)  Complete HW#13:Brain Washers

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Nov. 19

Block II: next Tuesday, Nov. 20

Block III: next Monday, Nov. 19


Musical Notes:

“Every Breath You Take” is a song released in 1983 by the Police, a British band, originally formed in 1977.  The song was written around the time leader singer, Sting, and his wife divorced.  It is a song about a controlling jealous person who has been rejected by the person he loves.  Apparently some people have misunderstood the lyrics and took the message as a positive look on love.  Ooops.

The video was ranked #19 on MTV’s best music videos.

“Brain Washers” is a song by the Californian rap duo, Blackalicious.  Rapper Gift of Gab and DJ/producer Chief Xcel are known for writing fast-paced complex and often political/conscious rhymes paired with awesome beats.  The song was released in 2002 off their record, Blazing Arrows.  This song features Ben Harper who sings the chorus “Tryin’ man I’m tryin’ lies and lies ain’t buyin’,where to I go, where do I go?”

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2 Responses to Homework for the Week of Nov. 12

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Tiffy!
    I missed class on thursday and I forgot to ask if there were any notes. If there were, can I please get a copy tomorrow in class?
    Happy Sunday afternoon, Hannah

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