Homework for the Week of Nov. 5

Block I/III: This was assigned last week.

Block II: You’ll get this on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

1)  Read “The Cardiovascular System”

2)   Complete HW#10: Piece of my heart

Due date:

Block I: Monday, Nov. 5

Block II: Friday, Nov. 9

Block IIII: Monday, Nov. 5


3)  Read “Blood Type” + “Lymphatic system” packet

4)  Complete HW#11: Blood bank

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, Nov. 7

Block II: next Tuesday, Nov. 13

Block III: Thursday, Nov. 8


Block II: This will be assigned the Week of Nov. 12

5)  Read “Respiratory System”

6)  CompleteHW#12: Every Breath You Take

Due date:

Block I: next Wednesday, Nov. 14

Block III: next Thursday, Nov. 15


Musical Notes:

“Piece of my Heart” is a song originally written by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns in 1967 and recorded by Erma Franklin.  The song became much more famous when Big Brother and the Holding Company covered the song in 1968.  Janis Joplin’s bluesy soulful vocals made this song a hit.

“Blood Bank” is the title track the EP released in 2009 by the American indie-folk band, Bon Iver.  Here’s the recording of an interview with Justin Vernon, lead singer/songwriter of Bon Iver.  The song features some of Bon Iver’s signature harmonies with a fuller electric sound than their first album “For Emma, Forever ago.”  Unlike their first album which was about heartbreak, this song to me, is about a couple in the first moments of falling in love.

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2 Responses to Homework for the Week of Nov. 5

  1. elon says:

    Hi Tiff,
    Can I have an extension on the “blood bank” HW. I do not have the packet and none of my friends seem to have it. I thought we had school today so I could get another copy of the packet.


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