Zombie Ants Get Decapitated By Vicious Flies

Happy Halloween!

I have a real-life horror story for you.

Fire ants (which are pretty nasty creatures!) can sting their prey to death!  But they have a predator that is even more vicious:  FEMALE PHORID FLIES!

A phorid fly emerging from a fire ant after eating its BRAINS!!!

Here’s their reproductive strategy:

  1. Females inject their eggs into the fire ants with a needle-like appendage.
  2. The eggs grow and the larva migrates to the ant’s head.
  3. The larva lives their for a few weeks feeding on the brain of the fire ant.
  4. Then, under the influence of the larva, the fire ant mysteriously wanders away from its colony to avoid attack by other fire ants.
  5. Then the baby fly breaks out of the fire ants head and decapitates the ant!
  6. And thus, a new phorid fly is born!  (Good birth story, eh?)

A baby phorid fly hatching out of a fire ant

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