Homework for the Week of Oct. 29

Block I/III: This was assigned last week.

Block II: You’ll get this on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

1)  Read “Body Organization”

2) Complete HW#8: Skinned

Due Date

Block I: Monday, Oct. 29

Block II: Friday, Nov. 2

Block III: Monday, Oct. 29


3)  Read “Skeletal System”

4)  Complete HW#9: Skeletons

5)  Finish “Building Bones” activity- cut out skeleton, paste on colored paper, label the listed bones on the classwork (I’m sorry I don’t have a digital file of the bones…so be careful!  Don’t lose them!)

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, Oct. 31 (Happy Halloween!)

Block II: next Tuesday, Nov. 6  (Tell your parents to vote!)

Block III: Thursday, Nov. 1


Block II- This will be assigned next week.

6)  Read “The Cardiovascular System”

7)  Complete HW#10: Piece of my heart

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Nov. 5

Block IIII: next Monday, Nov. 5



“Skeletons” is a song by the American alternative rock band, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, from their latest album, It’s Blitz.  Their musical style can range from dance punk to new wave to garage rock with heavy guitars, solid beats, synthetic sounds, and Karen O’s awesome vocals.  “Skeletons” is an awe-inspiring and sad song that builds and builds on itself.  I think it’s meant to be played loudly in a full theater with super surround sound.  Enjoy.

Here’s the song:


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