Play Energyville!

Many of you were interested in learning about energy resources-the good, the bad, and the ugly.  As we learned, every energy resource has advantages and drawbacks.  But we still need energy!  And we are consuming more of it every day!  What’s going to happen as our non-renewables start to run out?  What happens if we can’t make enough energy to meet our needs?

Check out this interactive game called “Energyville.”  Yes, it is presented by Chevron…but it was created by the Economist Group which is a company that analyzes international and world business affairs (Ever hear about the magazine called The Economist?  That’s their magazine.).  The game challenges its players to power a city through 2030 (only 18 years!) and keep the economic, environmental, and security impacts low.  It’s quite complex and it has a lot of information.  Try it out!  Just click on the image.


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