Homework for the Week of Oct. 22


Block I: Monday, Oct. 22

Block II: Friday, Oct. 26

Block III: Monday, Oct. 22


Block II- This will be assigned NEXT WEEK (Oct. 29)–Your job is to study for the test!

1)  Read “Body Organization + Integumentary System”

2)  Complete HW#8: Skinned

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Oct. 29

Block III: next Monday, Oct. 29



“Skinned” is a song by the early 1990’s rock band, Blind Melon. It comes from their second album, Soup, released in 1995.  Shannon Hoon, the lead singer, died of a cocaine overdose soon after the album was released.  This song is about the serial killer, Ed Gein, who made a habit of skinning and mutilating his victims.  On a lighter note, Blind Melon is most well known for their song, “No Rain,” which featured a girl dancing in a bee costume.  She became famous as the “Bee Girl.”  The story of the Bee Girl is told in the music video.  According to Wiki:

It opens on the girl’s tap routine; the audience responds with laughter, and the girl runs off stage in tears. As the song plays, she wanders through a city, stopping to perform her dance for whoever will watch. Ultimately — at the point in the song where the word “escape” is repeated — she peeks through a gate, astonished, then runs through it to join a group of “bee people” of all shapes and sizes dancing joyfully in a green field.  (Here’s a link to the video.)

Here’s the song, “Skinned”:


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