Energy Resource Advertisements

In class, you will create your own energy resource advertisements.  Let’s take a look at some real ones and deconstruct them to talk about the kinds of messages the ads are sending.

Questions to ask when deconstructing an ad:

  • All media is constructed, meaning that they are created by someone or a team.  Who created this message?
  • Media messages are constructed using creative/graphic design to convey the message.  What creative techniques are used to get my attention?
  • Different people experience the same media in different ways.  How might different people understand this message differently than me?
  • Media messages come from a specific culture, point of view, and perspective.  What lifestyles/cultures, values, and points of view are represented?  Which ones are left out or omitted?
  • Most media is used to gain power or profit.  What is the message in this media and why is this message being sent?  


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2 Responses to Energy Resource Advertisements

  1. Erika Dyquisto says:

    Awesome assignment Riff! Kudos to you for mixing media analysis into science class!

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