Energy Conversions

Energy conversions or transformations occur when energy changes from one form to another.  We experience energy conversions all the time.

Here’s a few examples:

Switch on a light-— kinetic energy from moving the switch becomes electric energy which turns the light on!

Running up the stairs–well, let’s actually start with the food you consumed.  There is chemical energy stored in the food which is broken down and converted into kinetic energy that allows you to move and when you get to the top, there is potential energy in relationship to the bottom of the stairs

Receiving a text message– Let’s say you have a notification sound.  Light energy (microwaves) are received by the phone.  This converts to electrical energy which turns to  sound energy that travels to your ear.  If your phone vibrates, the electrical energy also converts to kinetic energy.

What energy conversions are happening in this old commercial for the original light up shoes by LA Gear?  (Leave your answers in the comments.)



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2 Responses to Energy Conversions

  1. Adé says:

    nothing to do with the la gear but i need help with the the input output energy effiency question. im just really confused… could we go over it in class

    • tifftai says:

      oh, come one…girlfriend here wearing the la gear is converting energy!
      yes, we can go over it in class….think about energy efficiency as reducing the amount of energy “lost” or transformed into energy that can’t be used.

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