Homework for the Week of Sept. 10

Block II- This was assigned last week.

1)  Read “What is a machine?”

2)  Complete HW#3: Dancin Machine

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, Sept. 12

Block II: Tuesday, Sept. 11

Block III: Thursday, Sept. 13


3)  Read “What is energy?”

4)  Complete HW#4: The Thermals

Due date:

Block I:next Monday, September 17

Block II: Friday, September 14

Block III: next Monday, September 17


Musical Notes:

“Dancin’ Machine” is a song by the Jackson 5 released in 1974.  The members of the Jackson 5 are Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon Jackson.  According to Wikipedia, the song “popularized the physically complicated Robot dance technique, devised by Charles Washington in the late 1960’s. Jackson first performed the dance on television while singing “Dancing Machine” with the Jackson 5 on an episode of Soul Train and several other shows for the next three years.”

Here’s their performance on the Carol Burnett show:


The Thermals are an American indie/ punk pop band based in Portland, Oregon.  Here’s a humorous video from their latest album.  It features Carrie Brownstein of the bands Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag, and you may recognize her from the show, Portlandia.


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