Homework for the Week of Sept. 3

1)  Read “Work and Power” packet

2)  Complete HW#2: Work ya Body

Due Date:

Block I: next Monday, Sept. 10

Block II: Friday, Sept. 7

Block III: next Monday, Sept. 10


This homework will be assigned to Block I/III next week on Monday.

3)  Read “What is a machine?”

4)  Complete HW#3: Dancin Machine

Due date:

Block II: next Tuesday, Sept. 11


Musical Notes:

“Work Ya Body” is a song by Meat Katie, also known as Mark Pembler who is a London- based breakbeatproducer and DJ.  His music combines techno, tribal, electro, breakbeat and house music.  There are many different genres and sub-genres of electronic music, although some people tend to call it all “techno” music.  To electronic music fans and musicians, techno refers to a style of music that originated in Detroit in the mid – late 1980’s.  Detroit techno was a blend of European synthesizer-sounds with African American styles such as Chicago house, funk, electro, and electric jazz.  If you’re interested in learning more about electronic music, check out Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. It’s a great interactive guide, although he clearly has bias towards certain types of electronic music.  The guide brings you through the connections and evolution of electronic music up until the early 2000’s so it does exclude more recent genres like grime, electrohouse, and the mainstreamed dub-step (you all probably know Skrillex).

Here’s the track:

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