1st week Homework

“No, say it ain’t so!”  Yes, there is homework this week!

But it’s quite simple and have fun with it!

1)  Complete HW#1: She Blinded Me with Science

2)  On a separate piece of plain white paper, draw what you think a SCIENTIST looks like.

Due date:

Block I: next Wednesday, Sept. 5

Block II: next Tuesday, Sept. 4

Block III: next Thursday, Sept. 6


In my ongoing tradition of naming the homework after albums, songs, or musical groups, I’ve finally named one “She Blinded Me with Science.”  This song is by British musician Thomas Dolby and it was released in 1982.  Apparently the British expression, “to blind someone with science,” means to confuse someone on purpose by giving them the idea of highly complex knowledge.  An example would be someone using long fancy words that actually may not make any sense but it sounds fancy so it gives an impression that that person must be smart or at least talking about something intelligent.

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