Please check out these posters and vote for this year’s MARINE VERTEBRATE IDOL!

Click on “Permalink” to see a larger view.  You can zoom in on the image.

We are looking for the weirdest, the most talented, the most bizarre, the coolest, the most swagalicious marine vertebrate!

To make things more interesting….don’t vote for your own!  Feel free to leave comments about why you voted for a particular marine vertebrate.  You might be able to convince others of its worthiness of the grand title of MARINE VERTEBRATE IDOL!

Voting will start on May 28th and end on June 1st.

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  1. tifftai says:

    The Narwhal is still in the lead! Come on, get your votes in!

  2. Tiff says:

    A 3 way tie! It’s the California Sea Lion, the Leafy Sea dragon, and the Narwhal!

  3. elon says:

    vote dugong

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