Homework for the Week of April 30

1)  Read “Echinoderms”

2)  Complete HW#28: Shooting Stars

Due Date:

Block I: Wednesday, May 2

Block II: Friday, May 4

Block III: Thursday, May 3


3)  Complete Marine Biology Study Guide

This includes writing three questions on the Google Doc for your block.  You may not write the same question as someone else.

*Block I Marine Bio Study Guide

*Block II Marine Bio Study Guide

*Block III Marine Bio Study Guide

Due Date:

Block I: next Monday, May 7

Block II: next Tuesday, May 8

Block III: next Monday, May 7



BLOCK I: next Wed, May 9

BLOCK II: next Friday, May 11

BLOCK III: next Thursday, May 10


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11 Responses to Homework for the Week of April 30

  1. elon2000 says:

    Hi tiff,
    I am a little confused with question 5 and 6 on the jelly belly hw. I dont know what the differences between the two questions.


  2. andrecool23 says:

    Hi Tiff!
    I was wondering where in the reading are the answers for 4 and 5 on jelly belly.


  3. andrecool23 says:

    Hey Tiff!
    I was wondering where in the packet does it involve questions 4-5.


  4. andrecool23 says:

    Nevermind just question 4.

  5. tifftai says:

    Not sure, but I’ll take a look. I’ll be home at around 1pm so I’ll see what I can do. If you are ready with the questions, you could also just email them to me.

  6. Maya R says:

    Hey Tiff! so I never got the block III study guide… do you think you could try sharing it with me again?

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