Phylum Cnidaria

Basic Jelly Anatomy

Anemone Internal Anatomy

Class Anthozoa

Sea anemones!  (Say “anemone” 5 times fast!”)

Giant green anemone- Anthopleura xanthogrammica

Diadumene cincta

Anthozoans also include corals:

Staghorn Coral

Carnation Coral

A single coral polyp

Class Scyphozoa

Often called “true jellyfish” but… first of all….they are not FISH!  It’s more appropriate to call them “jellies!”

Moon Jelly

Pacific Sea Nettle- Chrysaora fuscescens

Class Cubuzoa

BEWARE!  These have a venom that results in excruciating pain!  If it’s a large sting area, an untreated victim may die in as little as 3 minutes!

Sea Wasp- Chironex sp.

Class Hydrozoa

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