Homework for the Week of April 16

And I’m back!  Here’s your homework for the week:

1)  Read “Simple Invertebrates”

2)  Complete HW#24: Analog Worms Attack

Due Date:

Block I: Wednesday, April 18

Block II: Friday, April 20

Block III: Thursday, April 19


3)  Read “Arthropods”

4)  Complete HW#25: Rock Lobster

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, April 23

Block II: next Tuesday, April 24

Block III: next Monday, April 23


Musical Notes:

“Analog Worms Attack” is the first album from French electronic musician, Mr. Oizo (pronounced ‘Monsieur Wah-zoh’.)  Here’s the video for “Flat Beat” which was Mr. Oizo’s first big hit.  This is French house music with American hip hop influence from the late 90s (not dubstep..which seems to be the catch-all term for popular electronic music recently.)

“Rock Lobster” is a song by the B52′s.  It was released in 1978.  This fun song contains superficially nonsensical lyrics about a beach party and excited rants about real or imagined marine animals (“There goes a dog-fish, chased by a cat-fish, in flew a sea robin, watch out for that piranha, there goes a narwhal, here comes a bikini whale!”)

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