Yea! Science Fair 2012 Success!

Thanks for another fabulous Science Fair!  Here are a few clips from the day’s festivities.

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5 Responses to Yea! Science Fair 2012 Success!

  1. elon2000 says:

    Tiff I am a little confused about the test because we have not watched the movie yet. Is it not related to the test, because if it is not that is fine if we don’t see it yet. So is the test definitely on Tuesday.

    • tifftai says:

      Hi Elon, If you look at the study guide, it doesn’t say anything about the movie so that can help you figure out if it’s going to be on the quest. No, the movie is just for fun, and remember that you do not need to study the material on DNA. Your quest is on Tuesday, as I stated in class.

  2. cwk says:

    I love the smiles on the faces and the inventive creations. Wonderful brilliant kids with a great teacher.

  3. Allison. says:

    oh yeah. i totally saw my foot in the background somewhere in there. ;D

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