Science Fair 2012 Schedule

Students will be presenting their Science Fair projects and Inventions on Wednesday, March 21.

Here’s the schedule:

MS will be presenting to the whole school between 10:50 and 12:30.

4/5 will be presenting to the Rainbow and Sunroom between 10:50-11:30 and they will present to the Middle School between 1:20 and 1:55.

Parents/Friends are welcome to come anytime during the presentations or after school (but the kids won’t be there then.)

Looking forward to another fabulous Science Fair!

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44 Responses to Science Fair 2012 Schedule

  1. Isaiah says:

    Tiff hi its isaiah. i accidentely left the corrected rough draft in my lubbie by any chance do u remember the correction and if its not to much work could i e-mail it to you u dont have to write the corrections on it i know yr busy but i want to finish it today thank you

    • tifftai says:

      Hi Isaiah,
      I’m sorry I don’t remember the comments…I did write that you needed to expand your hypothesis and you should calculate the average score for your results.

      • Isaiah says:

        ok thats helpful thank you and for reasearch i think ill be able to find it out myself thanks

      • Isaiah says:

        Actually do you remember what you searched when you found some of that research for me, you dont have to search for me i know yur busy but do you remember what you typed into google

      • tifftai says:

        I think I looked into “music and the brain kids”, check out the neuroscience for kids page. you can also look up “parts of the brain” to figure out which part of the brain processes hearing/music.

  2. asya says:

    tiff what do i do with the petri dishes when i dont need them anymore

  3. Sophie says:

    hey tiff i need help with my research ideas…

  4. Riley says:

    hey tiff i need help with my research ideas.

  5. POCIS VP says:

    Tiff, should I document the Invention Testing in the Inventor’s Logs?

  6. Olivia O says:

    just a question what really happens if you turn in your science board in late or you forgot or you didn’t finish?

    • tifftai says:

      well…your grade for “form” would go down, you would get a “zero” for your presentation, and you would break an agreement for academic participation because you wouldn’t be able to participate in the science fair. in short, you grade would do down significantly.

  7. Sophie says:

    so tiff if i dont know the author of the website what should i put?
    and also i don’t know what else i should do for my inventors logs… i only have 3…

  8. Isaiah says:

    Tiff Im trying to write my bibliography page but im having trouble finding most of the things

    • tifftai says:

      you can always write “Author unknown” or “Last date upadated unknown. you should be able to find the website name, the title of the article, the date you viewed it, and the URL.

  9. eva says:

    hey tiff i don’t have any pictures for my board… is that ok?
    im still going to decorate my board though

  10. eva says:

    i can’t print them out though… last time i printed stuff out at walgreens, the pictures were awful, and i don’t have any colored ink at home…

  11. eva says:

    oh yay! thanks a bunch tiff! hold on your email is right?

  12. eva says:

    ok the pictures are taking forever to load, so i will send them when they are finished

  13. eva says:

    so on the bibliography one of the websites i went to was called backyard nature
    do i put it as nature, backyard?

  14. eva says:

    just sent them

  15. eva says:

    oh ok sorry it said last name, first name so i was confuzzled
    thx a bunch! see you tomorrow

  16. heyspencerb says:

    Tiff, can you post the bibliography format?

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