Sample Science Fair Rough Draft

Here it is: Sample Science Fair rough draft

Remember to double space if you are typing or skip lines if you are writing!


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13 Responses to Sample Science Fair Rough Draft

  1. Samara says:

    Hi Tiff! I have a question about the science fair rough draft. I noticed that in your sample rough draft you had a note below the table saying you hadn’t finished collecting your data, but you also provided further information. Is that allowed to do in an actual rough draft? I’m fine if not, but I think it would allow me to test more people which would lead to more accurate results. Thank you!
    – Samara 😀

    • tifftai says:

      Yes, it’s totally allowed. You might not be finished with your observations so I want you to be able to continue with collecting data. However, I want to see that you have started!

  2. Samara says:

    Okay Tiff- one last question…
    I totally forgot how to do the bibliography and the format, I can’t find it here, and I don’t know where the sheet I had for the light books is, because I didn’t need it then. Do you know where I can find it, or if I missed it on the blog?!
    – Samara

  3. olivia says:

    Hey Tiff so for the results can i make a chart or do i have to do a graph thing? Help please! 🙂

    • tifftai says:

      for the results, it needs to be a SUMMARY of your data. a graph can show this. a table/chart can show this if it summarizes what you found, and it isn’t just a list of measurements or observations. you can also write a paragraph to summarize your findings.

  4. asya says:

    sorry it me: the bacteria is growing on some of the petri dishes but not all what should i do??

    • tifftai says:

      well, you have to work with what you have. so if you only 2 dishes per treatment that have growth, then that’s what you have to work with. in your conclusion, you should note that you needed more trials, but in the time given, you didn’t have enough bacterial cultures.

  5. asya says:

    Tiff for the bibliography should we say what is on the website or should we just say the website and the name and the other stuff for the bibliography

  6. asya says:

    Tiff i cant find a website about bad bacteria i only found one about good bacteria can u give me a website

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