Cell biology Quiz Study Guide


Review your readings, homework, class work, and journal notes.

 You should know the following concepts:

 *Advantages of being multi-cellular vs. single-celled- You should be able to explain what these advantages are and why

 *The differences between plant and animal cells- You should be able to name at least 3 differences.

 *3 parts of the Cell Theory

 *You should know what all of these structures are and what they do (their function):

            *Cell membrane





            *Endoplasmic reticulum (Rough and smooth)







 *The cell membrane: What are phospholipids and how are they arranged in a cell membrane?

 *Diffusion and Osmosis:  You should know the definition and how to predict where particles will move based on their concentration.

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38 Responses to Cell biology Quiz Study Guide

  1. Samara says:

    TIFF!!! I thought the Quiz was on Thursday, and all my stuff is at school!!!!!! Is there anyway I take it on Tuesday, or I can pick up my stuff at school before Monday??? I have Drum lessons at CMC on Sundays which is kinda near Synergy- would I be able to pick it up then??? PLEASE HELP ME!

    – Samara

  2. serafina says:

    help! i didnt know the test was monday when the test was i have my flip book and two reading that all i can do!

  3. Olivia O says:

    Hey Tiff! Well i dont know if Im posting this so late, but Im desperate for just this one answer. So for the science fair rough draft on the bibliography part honestly dont get whats it s asking. please answer! 🙂

    • tifftai says:

      The bibliography part means that you need to include a bibliography for research that you’ve conducted, images that you’ve used, etc. If you need another copy of how to do a proper bibliography, click on “Resources” at the top of the page.

  4. Samara says:

    Hi Tiff, my Drum lesson’s at 1:30pm

    • tifftai says:

      ok, well I’m planning on getting to Synergy at around 3 if you want to stop in to pick up your stuff. otherwise, you have the study guide and there’s info here on the blog. i can’t postpone the quiz. let me know you’re going to stop in and I’ll make sure I keep my ears open for the door.

  5. adé says:

    hey tiff, do you know the block schedule for next week and also does everyone take the quiz on monday???????? thanks -Adé

    • tifftai says:

      Yes, I planned it so everyone has the QUIZ on Monday. I’ll post the block schedule in the afternoon. I’m having Internet problems at home.

  6. adé says:

    whats a chromatid?? i got very confused in the homework thanks tiff

  7. Isaiah says:

    Hey tiff like what Ade asked is the test for everyone tomorrow

  8. Isaiah says:

    oh ok thank u um one more question i really dont know the function of cytoplasm i looked it up but theres so many different thinks, thanks tiff

    • tifftai says:

      Cytoplasm holds the organelles, and provides structure to the cell. Many chemical reactions also happens in the Cytoplasm. It’s the “soup” the organelles float around in.

  9. Isaiah says:

    oh ok thank u that makes so much more sense

  10. eva says:

    hey i hope this isn’t to late, but what exactly is the advantage to being multicellular? I’m kinda confused…
    thx -eva

  11. eva says:

    never mind, i found it

  12. eva says:

    oh and are vacuoles only found in plant cells?
    sorry if its took late, i went skiing this weekend and I’m trying to study now! 😦

  13. eva says:

    too late sorry

  14. asya says:

    tiff what are he advantages of being multicellular and single celled 🙂

  15. asya says:


  16. eva says:

    oh ok
    did you forget the golgi complex, or do we not need to study it?

  17. eva says:

    ps i like your picture 🙂

  18. eva says:

    cool thanks a bunch!
    see you tomorrow

  19. eva says:

    hmm…. i think you should put the mustache picture, that one’s a classic Tiff picture

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