Homework for the Week of Feb. 27

1)  Read “Chemistry of Life” and “The Cell Cycle”

2)  Complete HW#18: Imitosis

Due date:

Block I: Thursday, March 1

Block II: Wednesday, Feb. 29

Block III: Friday, March 2


Musical Notes:

Musical notes:  This week, the homework is titled “Imitosis” after a song by one of my favorite musicians, Andrew Bird.  He is an amazing singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist.  He plays the violin, guitar, mandolin, and he is a crazy whistler!

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6 Responses to Homework for the Week of Feb. 27

  1. Ariane says:

    Tiffany! I know this question is unrelated to this post but I’m just going to ask it anyway. How long should the inventor’s logs be? I just wrote one that is 3 sentences long and it seems way too short. Can I just write a lot of short entries? That would be a lot easier for me. Thankssss

  2. Ariane says:

    Never mind – I was able to make it 8 sentences long. See you Monday!

  3. Elon says:

    tiff. I could not find the word cytokinesis in the packet. I will check one more time, if it is not there where are we supposed to get the information.
    thanks tiff

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