Homework for the Week of Feb. 6

1)  Read “Eukaroyotic Cells”

2)  Complete HW#15: Soft cell

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Feb. 13

Block II: Friday, Feb. 10

Block III: next Monday, Feb. 13



Your next deadline might seem far away…but it’ll sneak up on you!

Here are the requirements for your Rough Draft:

Invention Rough Draft

Science Fair Rough Draft


Musical Notes:

Soft Cell is a band made famous by their song, “Tainted Love.”(1981)  It is a cover of a 1964 soul song sung by Gloria Jones.  It is a classic 80′s pop song that in turn has been covered by many artists.

The original:

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10 Responses to Homework for the Week of Feb. 6

  1. Elon says:

    hi tiff,
    cytoplasm not on packet
    From elon

  2. tifftai says:

    it’s in your previous packet.

  3. paulina says:

    hi Tiff,
    for my science project can i do a cake instead of cookies.

  4. Andre says:

    Sup Tiff!
    For the rough draft is it ok if I just type it up on word for now?


    • Andre says:

      oh and also what kind of research should I do?

      • tifftai says:

        Whassup, Andre?! Yes, typing it on word is fine. In terms of research, maybe looking up what is happening to the speed of molecules during temperature changes, or what happens when water or soda freezes -explain why I told you not to use glass bottles.

  5. Andre says:

    Hey Tiff!
    On the rough draft where would I write about the things I learned from research?


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