Homework for the Week of Jan. 24

1)  Finish Light Activity books and make it pretty!

Due date:

Block I: Friday, Jan. 27

Block II: Wednesday, Jan. 25

Block III: Thursday, Jan. 26




1)  Read “The Diversity of Cells”

2)  Complete HW#1: Grey cell green

Due Date:

Block I: Monday, Feb. 6

Block II: Tuesday, Feb. 7

Block III: Thursday, Feb. 9


“Grey Cell Green” is a song by the British band, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.  The song is found on the album God Fodder which was released in 1991.

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48 Responses to Homework for the Week of Jan. 24

  1. Hannah says:

    hey Tiff,
    if i quoted the packets at a point in my book, how would i cite it?

  2. eva says:

    hey tiff do i have to make a bibliography if i only used stuff i had from class, like the readings and my notes, and i didn’t use any pictures?

  3. eva says:

    and in chapter four, when you are asking about the different types of reflection, you mean regular and diffuse reaction right?

  4. eva says:

    sorry tiff i have another question: in chapter four, i have already explained how concave and convex mirrors work in the intro. should i do it again in “to do and notice” anyway?

  5. eva says:

    i mean in “what’s going on” sorry

  6. Sophie says:

    heyyyyy Tiffany Tai I was wondering what I should right about for “What’s going on” for invisible light sources and detectors with the tv remote… so ya follow-up comment me back!

  7. Sophie says:


  8. Sophie says:

    ok… so um Tiff my mom has an apple computer and i used pages but my dad doesn’t and only has word so I kind of can’t do anything…….. may I please get an extension????

    • tifftai says:

      Yes, you can have an extension. What you should do tomorrow (we can do it at school) is to save your document on Pages to a .doc format so you can use it on Word. Pages can open Word documents, but Word can’t open Pages without doing some conversions which can be confusing.

      • Sophie says:

        ok thank you for understanding!!! some teachers dont understand that things just wont open on some computers……..

  9. Allison says:

    silly sophie,
    you could have just called your mother and had her email to you.

  10. Gabriel says:

    Chapter 4:
    Since we have to write about the spoon reflections, is it really necessary for us to do part 2 of mirror mirror where we write observations of the convex and concave mirror? We’re already making observations in the spoon project…

  11. Allison says:

    For the “Whats going on” for the diffraction grating activity, i’m not sure what to write. I know it has to do with the wavelengths separating, but i’m not sure how to say it…

  12. Allison says:

    For the part of refraction for “what’s going on” i know basically what’s going on, but i don’t know how to explain it and put it into wordsss…

  13. olivia o. says:

    HI tiff sorry if this is late but how do i do chapter 5 with out the the paper you gave us a the beginning? and should i keep the rough draft thing or can i through it away.

    • tifftai says:

      well, if you have your journal, you could explain the procedures for one of the activities if you remember it. and i don’t need to see the rough draft.

  14. olivia o. says:

    and tiff is there like a certain time or rule that we’re not suppose to post comments?

  15. Allison says:

    If you’re still up, this is my last question. The last thing I have to do is the “what’s going on” for the flashlight with the duct tape. i don’t know what you’re asking exactly??

    • Allison says:

      you can answer in the morning, also! i’m up early and i can finish then.

    • tifftai says:

      For the 1st chapter? The activity is to shine the light on the mirror and create a reflection, right? Does this demonstrate light traveling as a particle or a wave?
      i was still up but cozied up in bed with a zombie novel…next i’m going to start having dreams about zombie students trying to bite me through my blog….

  16. Gabriel says:

    Can i get the bibliography info for the readers/packets you give us. You were busy last class. I’ll be up late, working, hard, aimed for perfection. So please reply whenever. (Sorry if it sounds a bit harsh. I lose it when I stay up working on ONE assignment)

  17. olivia o. says:

    hey tiff! Um so for the bibliography thing where should i write them down? And am i suppose to attach it to my light book?

  18. zander says:

    hy tiff i didnt turn in my light book of friday and it asks for what invisble lite experiments did we do and i forgot one can u help me out

    • tifftai says:

      Hi Zander, The invisible light experiment is the one where we had centers with different kinds of electromagnetic light: visible, UV, FM radio, AM radio, Infrared (heat), Infrared (remote control). You then tried to block the light with different materials: clear plastic, black plastic, cloth, plastic screen, metal screen, paper, aluminum foil.
      Just pick two of the electromagnetic lights and describe how you did the experiment, and what the person should expect in terms of which materials blocked or transmitted the light.

  19. zandertheamazing says:

    on chapter 3 it says all diffraction grating what doez it want me 2 do

    • tifftai says:

      The diffraction grating was the clear filter you looked through that produced rainbows when you looked at the light bulb. You should have a sheet attached into your journal from when we did it in class. The procedure is pretty simple. Tell people what they should expect to see when they look through the diffraction grating and in the “what’s going on?” explain what the diffraction grating tells us about light—what does it tell us about white light?

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