Homework for the Week of Jan 16

1)  Complete Chapt. 1-3 of Light Activity book

Due date:

Block I: next Tuesday, Jan. 24

Block II: Thursday, Jan. 19

Block III: Friday, Jan. 20


1)  Finish Light Activity Book- Remember to present it nicely.  Include drawings/pics with captions.

Final due date:

Block I: next Friday, Jan. 27

Block II: next Wednesday, Jan. 25

Block III: next Thursday, Jan. 26


In the assignment, you are asked to title your book with a song, album, or band name with the word: LIGHT, MIRROR, REFLECTION, LENS, or RAINBOW  in it.  On the inside front cover, please explain what the title reference is.

Need some suggestions?  Here’s a list…

  • Lighten Up- by the Beastie Boys
  • Inner Light- by Zion I
  • You are the Light- by Jens Lekman
  • Lights out- by Sonic Youth or Santogold (two different songs)
  • Red Light-by the Strokes
  • Light My Fire- by the Doors
  • Let their be light- by Justice or Nas (also two different songs)
  • In the Light-by Led Zeppelin
  • There is a light that never goes out-by The Smiths
  • Light Years-by Pearl Jam
  • Gimme the Light-Sean Paul
  • Ray of Light-album by Madonna
  • Turn on the bright lights- album by Interpol
  • Electric light orchestra (band)
  • Man in the Mirror-MJ
  • Making Mirrors- Gotye
  • The Mirror Conspiracy-Thievery Corporation
  • Mirrorball-Neil Young
  • I’ll be your mirror-Velvet Underground
  • Reflection Eternal-Talib Kweli album
  • Reflection- Prince
  • I saw reflections-Little Wings
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow (band)
  • In Rainbows-Radiohead album
  • Rainbow Country- Bob Marley
  • Over the Rainbow
  • Rainbow Flag-Matmos
  • The Extra Lens (band)
  • Into the Lens-Yes
  • Life Thru a Lens- Robbie Williams album
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39 Responses to Homework for the Week of Jan 16

  1. juliana says:

    their is also a song called reflection by christina agulara

  2. Max michio says:

    For electromagnet spectrum chapter 2 do we have to name all the materials for the invisible light

  3. spencer says:

    for chapter one, I honestly don’t know what is happening, which is showing light as a wave and which is showing it as a particle?

    • tifftai says:

      when light passes through the slit created by the pencils, it creates an interference pattern? can this happen if light acts as a particle or a wave? (Think about Dr. Quantum.) when light bounces off a surface, does it act as a particle (little ball of matter) or a wave (think of a water wave)?

      • spencer says:

        thank you sooooo much, I wached dr. quantom a million times and was still confused, I get it now tho

        And I’m a little iffy on diffraction grating so can I talk to you tomorrow?

  4. Kailan says:

    Hey Tiff,
    I left my science journal at schoo;l. I should I wait to start working on my science book in class tomorrow or try to do some of it tonight?

  5. Tiff says:

    Tiff is the awesomest swagalicious unicorn ever.

  6. Andre says:

    Hi Tiff!
    I was sick when you did the Invisible light Detection activity so i have no idea on what part 2 is talking about.
    HELP ME!?!?


  7. Kailan says:

    hey Tiff,

    I was wondering if I have to do all of the chapters because I was absent for last week/


  8. Kailan says:

    yes I was there for the bends activity.

    Are the different types of electromagnetic light the things we took notes on for Electromegnetic Spectrum? Radio waves, Ultraviolet, etc…

  9. Kailan says:

    K thanks

  10. adé says:

    hey tiff i dont remember doing centers i dont think i was there, i also dont think i was there for secret messages. sorry i didnt tell u sooner. I DONT KNOW WHAT 2 DO PLZ CAN U HELP ME

  11. spencer says:

    in chapter 4, do we have to do the part about the periscope?

  12. Maia B. says:

    Uh Tiff? So I was absent when you assigned this and forgot to get the thing on Friday. And its due tomorrow for me. Can I get an extension? Till Friday? I also don’t really get what I am supposed to write for “Do and Notice”.

  13. Olivia O. says:

    Um tiff. i was absent for the finish of the color activity so i am really confused what diffraction grating is. So should i do it 2morrow in class?

  14. asya says:


    • tifftai says:

      The diffraction grating is the clear square that you looked through that produced rainbows when you looked at the light bulb. We talked about how it worked when we discussed refraction and diffraction. Colored shadows came from the Light Snack centers. This is where there was the red/green/blue light bulb and different colored shadows were produced with different combinations of lights. I’ll show you tomorrow.

  15. Olivia O says:

    Thank you tiff !

  16. Ariane says:

    Hi Tiff! I was wondering if I could have an extension until Friday since I got the assignment a couple days later than the rest of my block. I originally would have to turn the final book in this Thursday but I think one extra day would help me out a lot.

  17. Zara says:

    Hi tiff. I was working on chapter 4, but I forgot my science journal at school and i can’t remember what the law of reflection is, please help 😦

  18. asya says:

    Hey tiff. on chapter 4 for the to do and to notice when you say mirror mirror or periscopes on 1 bullet point then on the other it says spoon reflection should i write about both or just pick one

  19. asya says:

    Never mind i got it but what is the law of reflection

  20. asya says:

    wait zara asked the same question and u wrote back i got it

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