Homework for the Week of Dec. 5

1)  Read “Light and Color”

2)  Complete HW#11: Life in Technicolor

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Dec. 19 (No regular block class on Wed. because of St. Francis Caroling)

Block II: Friday, Dec. 9

Block III: Thursday, Dec. 8


3)  Read “Interactions of Light Waves”

4)  Complete HW#12: Rearviewmirror

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, Dec. 14

Block II: next Tuesday, Dec. 13

Block III: next Monday, Dec. 12


Musical Notes:

“Life in Technicolor” is a song by British rock band, Coldplay.  I originally heard it on their Vida la Vida or Death and All This Friends album (released in June 2008), as the instrumental version.  However, they also released a full vocal version called “Life in Technicolor II” on their EP, Prospekt’s March, which was released in November 2008.  They did make a video for the 2nd version and it’s great!  It features puppet versions of the band performing at a children’s birthday party and the concert gets more extravagant as the song goes on…watch for puppet Chris Martin crowd-surfing on the kids.

Oh, and anybody know what the word “technicolor” refers to?

“Rearviewmirror” is a song by American grunge band (and one of my personal favorites!), Pearl Jam.  This song was the first song that featured front man, Eddie Vedder, on the guitar.  “Rearviewmirror” was released on their 1993 album, Vs.

Originally, Pearl Jam was named Mookie Blaylock, after an All-star basketball player, but due to trademark concerns, they changed their name.    Pearl Jam did not produce many music videos because they wanted listeners to form their own visual interpretations of the songs.  “Ten years from now,” Jeff Ament (guitarist) said, “I don’t want people to remember our songs as videos.”

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2 Responses to Homework for the Week of Dec. 5

  1. Noah Shin says:

    Hey Tiff,
    I was wondering: if a light wave has a higher amplitude, does it make the light brighter?

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