Homework for the Week of Nov. 28

We’re starting a new unit: Light and Optics!

1)  Read “The Nature of Waves” packet

2)  Complete HW#9: All of the lights

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, Nov. 30

Block II: Friday, Dec. 2nd

Block III: Thursday, Dec. 1 (My mom’s birthday!)


3)  Read “Properties of Waves” packet

4)  Complete HW#10: Ultraviolet (Light my way)

Due Date:

Block I: next Monday, Dec. 5

Block II: next Tuesday, Dec. 6

Block III: next Monday, Dec. 5


Musical Notes:

It was 3 years ago for the Light unit when I started to name homework sheets after songs, bands, and albums.  “Blinded by the Light” which was originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen was the first title.  I realized I could just re-use the homework titles but there are so many great songs I could use for this unit that I just couldn’t refuse.  So, let’s start it off!

“All of the Lights” by Kanye West released on his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  Now, I have some opinions about Kanye…most of which may not be considered flattering, but I do love this song.  A catchy riff, killer vocal line by Rhianna and a i-messed-up-you-should-feel-bad-for-me-but-i’ll-survive storyline make it a Kanye hit.  Apparently the video has a warning about the possibility of inducing epilepsy.  Why can’t he just make a non-epileptic video?  To avoid that scenario, you can just listen to song:

“Ultraviolet (Light my way)” is from U2’s Achtung Baby album, which just celebrated its 20 year anniversary!  According to the masters at Wikipedia, the song is about love and dependency, and other listeners have found religious interpretations with references to the Book of Job.  For me, it’s got that classic U2 guitar pattern complete with dramatic Bono vocalizations (although the refrain “Baby, baby, baby, light my way” is a little silly to me.)  Here’s a video from their 2009 tour:



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