Homework for the Week of Oct. 31

1)  Build a Flower project

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Nov. 7

Block II: Friday, Nov. 4

Block III: Thursday, Nov. 3 or Monday, Nov. 7 (We’ll talk about this in class)


1)  Complete Botany Study Guide

Due date:

Block I: next Wednesday, Nov. 9

Block II: next Tuesday, Nov. 8

Block III: next Monday, Nov. 7

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2 Responses to Homework for the Week of Oct. 31

  1. Dylan K says:

    hey tiff on our homework my mom and i ran into a little trouble because in the being green packet you have it backwards and it doesn’t take oxygen and release water and carbon dioxide.
    just letting you know

    from DYLAN K

    • tifftai says:

      I’m not sure which part you are referring to, but during CELLULAR RESPIRATION, the cells do take in oxygen/break down sugar and produce water and carbon dioxide and energy. During PHOTOSYNTHESIS, the cells take in carbon dioxide and water and produce oxygen and glucose. This picture shows how the process of photosynthesis and cellular respiration work together. It’s not important that you know what the mitochondria is right now (we’ll learn that in cell biology in January), but notice that photosynthesis produces the sugar and oxygen which is then USED in cellular respiration to get energy for the plant.
      photosynthesis and cellular respiration

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