Homework for the Week of Oct. 24

1)  Finish Seed Germination Experiment write-up

2)  Study for Botany quiz

For the quiz, you should know…

*Characteristics that all plants share

*Structures of a seed

*The difference between types of plants

*Vascular vs. Non-vascular

*Seeds vs. no seeds

*Gymnosperms vs. Angiosperms

*Monocots vs. Dicots

*The function of roots, stems, leaves, and   flowers (What do those structures do for the plant?)

Due date/ Quiz date:

Block I: Wednesday, Oct. 26

Block II: Friday, Oct. 28

Block III: Thursday, Oct. 27


3)  Read “The Ins and Outs of Making Food”

4) Complete HW#8: Being Green

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Oct. 31

Block II: next Tuesday, Nov. 1

Block III: next Monday, Oct. 31


Musical Notes:

A Kermit Classic!

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