End of the grading period

It’s that time of year again….and here’s the list of missing work as of Oct. 16.  All work is due by Thursday.

Block I

Adé HW#3: Map of your Head, HW#5: Evil Seeds

Armon HW#3: Map of your Head

Olivia O.HW#5: Evil Seeds

Block II

Cole HW#5: Evil Seeds

Isaiah HW#3:  Map of your Head, Farm School Journal and FS book work, HW#5: Evil Seeds

Finley HW#5: Evil Seeds

Franky HW#4: Knotty Pine, HW#5: Evil Seeds

Kaliah HW#5: Evil Seeds

Paloma HW#5: Evil Seeds

Block III

Addison HW#4: Knotty Pine

Yasmin HW#4: Knotty Pine

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2 Responses to End of the grading period

  1. I already turned in my HW of Knotty Pine.

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