Farm School Expedition 2011– Week I

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It was a fabulous week!  The expedition teams were successful in gathering a sufficient amount of data about the abiotic factors (non-living factors that affect an ecosystem: light, air, water, soil) and the biotic factors (living factors: plants, animals, fungi, bacteria) of Farm School planet.  With their data, diplomats presented speeches to the general public to lobby for or against creating the 1st ever human settlement on Farm School planet.  With enthusiastic and entertaining speeches, the majority voted “NO” to creating a settlement.  We’ll talk more about the reasons for their vote in the coming weeks.  Week One did an amazing job with the curriculum!  Thanks for participating.

Now…onto Week Two!

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2 Responses to Farm School Expedition 2011– Week I

  1. kailan says:

    Hey tiff,

    I was wondering how long our report on the report we found had to be. I think I was two paragraphs, but I’m not sure.

    Please help me, Kailan

  2. tifftai says:

    Hi Kailan,
    So the entire write-up isn’t 2 paragraphs. You need at least two paragraphs for your summary of the article. You need to add any background information that might be necessary to understand the article (don’t forget to define at least 4 vocabulary words) You will also need at least a one paragraph personal response.
    See you tomorrow!

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