Homework for the Week of May 9

1)  Read “Evidence of the Past”

2)  Complete HW#30: Time after time

Due date:

Block I:Wednesday, May 11

Block II: Friday, May 13

Block III: Thursday, May 12


3)  Read “Descent with Modification”

4)  Complete HW#31: Supermodified

Due date

Block I: next Monday, May 16

Block II: next Tuesday, May 17

Block III: next Monday, May 17


Musical Notes:

“Time after time” is a song by American singer, Cyndi Lauper on her album, She’s So Unusual in 1984.  This song has been covered by at least 60 artists, including Miles Davis, Mariah Carey, and Matchbox Twenty.

“Supermodified” is an album by Brazilian electronic artist, DJ, and producer, Amon Tobin.  Tobin is best known for his use of sampling, where a small section of a previous recording is manipulated to produce a new sound.   The title of the album is defined as:

  • modification: the act of modifying, state of being modified; change made in vowel by mutation, graphic representation of this
  • super: on the top (of); over; beyond; besides; in addition; exceeding; going beyond; more

This video is for the song, “Slowly” from this album.  Not sure what it is…kind of looks like a lego coral reef with fuzzy mold.

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