Images of folds and faults

What kind of folds or faults do you see here?







Credit Line: Copyright © Michael Collier


Conjugate normal faults, Black Mountains frontal fault zone, Death Valley, California.

Answer Key

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9 Responses to Images of folds and faults

  1. sophie says:

    hey Tiff I forgot to get all the packets for the study guide. I did as much as i can remember but I didn’t finish it so I was wondering if I could get an extension for it.

  2. Yasmin says:

    I am SO SORRY but it turns out I lost my binder although I did a few questions on it. I lost it today but I hope to find it in the morning and work on it at snack & lunch. I have been really pressured with the Humanities test coming up that I sort of blocked everything else out of my mind. I am terribly sorry but I hope to stay after school if I don’t finish so you can take a quick look at it. You can give me a broken agreement but I will do my best to turn it in tomorrow! Sorry!!!!!

    • tifftai says:

      Hi Yasmin,
      Sorry to hear that. We’ll correct the study guide in the morning. If you have access, you can download the study guide from the blog and work on it directly (it’s a word document). Email it to yourself or use a flash drive and you can print it at school. Don’t worry about breaking an agreement since you took responsibility and let me know ahead of time. See you tomorrow!

  3. mahmud says:

    1-3Normal Fault, 4 Thrust Fault and 7 Fold Related Fault

    • tifftai says:

      How can you tell that #1/#2 are normal faults? I get that number 4 could be a thrust fault, but it’s hard to find a picture to illustrate a monocline. Also, how do you know that #7 is a fold-related-fault?
      Thanks for the feedback.

  4. mahmud says:

    Because there is Repetition in strata appear clearly in #1 and #2 and about #7 I made a decision by Estimation but if some one could see this one in field then he could make true decision.

    Best Regards

  5. mahmud says:

    sorry i made a mistake i think #1 and #3 is Reverse fault due to Repetition in strata

  6. Bright says:

    Could someone please give me the location of picture number four?? Thank you in advance.

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