Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle

*How igneous rocks are formed

*How sedimentary rocks are formed

*How metamorphic rocks are formed

Examples of igneous rock



Examples of sedimentary rock



Examples of metamorphic rock

Schist (green):


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2 Responses to Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle

  1. POCIS VP says:

    Hey Tiff!
    I have got 2 questions:
    1) Are we currently living in reverse polarity? The Packet has sufficiently confused me. (Reverse Polarity is when S=S. Pole and N=N. Pole, right?)
    2) Can we include pictures from your study guide on our Note Cards (5×8)

    I’m so confused!!! 😦 😛 :0

    • tifftai says:

      no, we’re in normal polarity. remember that technically, the earth’s geographic north pole is where the magnetic south pole is (because the north pole of our compasses are attracted to it), but most people just refer to both the geographic/magnetic north pole to be the north pole. yes, this is confusing. if you want more info, check out this link: http://www.geomag.bgs.ac.uk/education/reversals.html
      yes, you can include pictures/drawings on your notecards.
      good luck!

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