Homework for the Week of April 25

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Hope it was fun and restful.

It’s time for us to wrap up the Geology unit (I know, it flew by!) so here’s your homework!

1)  Complete Geology Study Guide

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, April 27

Block II: Friday, April 29

Block III: Thursday, April 28



Block I: next Monday, May 2

Block II: next Tuesday, May 3

Block III: next Monday, May 2

THIS WILL BE AN OPEN-NOTE TEST and this is what that means:  You will be allowed to use both sides of the 5” by 8” index card provided to take notes.  This note card will be turned in with your test. No binders or readings, but you can use that index card however you would like.

A WARNING!  Many students decide that they don’t need to study as much because it’s an open-note test.  However, you need to understand that the test will have many questions that ask you to APPLY your knowledge of the geology concepts.  So, for example, if you don’t understand how to explain why volcanoes tend to form at convergent or divergent boundaries, then a note card with a drawing of these boundaries is not going to help you.

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