Homework for the Week of April 11

1)  Read “Volcanic Eruptions”

2)  Complete HW#28: Eruption

Due Date:

Block I: Wednesday, April 13

Block II: Tuesday, April 12

Block III: Thursday, April 14


“Eruption” is a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen…of Van Halen from the album “Van Halen.  Eddie rips it up and in this solo, he popularized the “two-hand tapping” method of using hammer-ons and pull-offs with both of his hands. (Classical guitars do this, but he made it cool with the guitar shredding crowd.)

Check out this version recorded in 1994.  You can see the two-handed tapping at 1:30.

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4 Responses to Homework for the Week of April 11

  1. spencer says:

    Random but you have to see this:

  2. Sorry Tiff but you know how you said that I migth need an extra day for my HW because I got it late? Well…heh, I am going to need that extra day. I will try to do some of it in the morning and lunch but I hope to turn it in before Wed. Well, see you tomorrow!

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