Science Fair and Invention Resources

Important paper work for the Science Fair

ScienceFair 2011 info and timeline

Science Fair topic brainstorm

Inventions (8th grade only)

Inventions: Info and timeline

Invention Brainstorm


Need help finding a topic?

Science Buddies– Use their Topic Selection Wizard to help you narrow down on topics and browse their Project Ideas

Science Fair ideas– A lot of these come from actual California State Science Fair summaries.

Science News for Kids Project Ideas Each title represents a project that was a semifinalist in the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge.

All Science Fair Projects– lots of ideas

Invention ideas

How did inventor’s think of their ideas:–

By Kids For Kids (Inventing Tips)–

Smithsonian’s Inventions at Play—

US Patent and Trademark Office Kids’ Pages—

National Inventors’ Hall of Fame—

Coolest inventions-,27972,1865047,00.html


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3 Responses to Science Fair and Invention Resources

  1. Kate says:

    hey tiff,
    i have a problem. I’m building my invention at my mom’s house but she’s in Tahoe right now and i wont see her until wednesday and my invention log is due on thursday so i was wondering if i could get an extension.

    • tifftai says:

      Hi Kate,
      I think you’re a little ahead of yourself. No invention stuff is due on Thursday. Your Design Plan is due NEXT Thursday (and it’s just a plan, not the actual invention). If you’ve started building, that’s great! The Inventor’s logs should just be started. I will ask to see at least 4 Logs when your rough draft is due.

  2. Kate says:

    ohhhhhh, got it. thanks tiff.

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