Information for Oil Spill glog

Oil spill information links for Glog research

General Oil Spills

Exploring Earth: Oil Spill– interactive website, info about oil spills and how they spread

NOAA: What’s the Story on Oil Spills?-info about how oil spills happen, cleanup methods, who’s responsible, prevention

NOAA: Oil Spills at the Water’s Edges-info about the effect on the environment on the surface of the water and the shore

NOAA: Frequently asked questions– FAQ on oil spills

Focus on Deepwater Horizon

Encyclopedia of the Earth- Deepwater Horizon article– Wikipedia style encyclopedia but with a focus on the Earth, its natural environments and how we interact with the Earth

Graphics from the Wall Street Journal– excellent graphics explaining the various ways they tried to plug the leak

NY Times Oil Spill Tracker– also click on the other tabs to see more information (for example: “Where oil has been found” and “Efforts to Stop the Leak”

BP’s site about the Gulf of Mexico Response– Always good to hear from their side

Focus on the Effects of the Gulf Spill on Wildlife

*Look at Encyclopedia of Earth article-Link is abovescroll down to Ecological concerns

National Wildlife Federation-Oil Impact on Wildlife- click on specific groups of animals

NY Times- The Effects on Wildlife– good info, nice graphics

Encyclopedia of the Earth-Sea turtles and the Deepwater Horizon spill

Earth Gauge– scroll down and click to download their Fact sheets

International Bird Rescue and Research Center- How Oil Affects Birds and Frequently Asked Questions and Procedures for Cleaning Oiled Birds

Focus on Oil Spill Clean-up

*See the link above for information on how oiled birds are cleaned

*Look at Encyclopedia of Earth article-Link is abovescroll down to Clean up

Popular Mechanics article:The State of Oil Spill Cleaning Technology

EPA- Oil Spill Response techniques

CNBC slideshow- 17 Ways to Clean up the Gulf of Mexico

Oil spill prevention

Oil spill prevention and response

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  1. paulina says:

    i look at some of the websites and its sad =(

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