Ooo…color pictures from your readings….

By popular request…. just click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture or click on the links:

Reading: Petroleum

Anatomy of an oil rig

Looking for oil with sonic waves

Reading: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010

Trying to put the fire out on the Deepwater Horizon

Size of the oil slick as of May 7, 2010

Link to the NYTimes:  Interactive Map of Oil Spill-Oil Spill tracking

Tar ball

More images from the National Geographic: Oil, Tarballs Hit Beaches

Sea turtle coated in oil

Oiled pelican

A bird getting cleaned

Reading: Impact of Oil Spills on Wetlands

Map of Gulf of Mexico and coastlines

Stomata function

Oiled wetlands (notice the booms laid down too)

Dead Coral Reef with red brittle stars

Underwater Oil Plume

Reading: State of Oil Spill Cleaning Technology link

Reading: 5 Wild Technologies Being Used Now To Clean up the BP Oil Spill link



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