Homework for the Week of Dec. 6

1)  CLEAN OUT YOUR BINDER!  We’re starting a project in class and I want your binders cleared out.  I will check them!


  1. First, start by organizing it.  All loose papers should be put in the right place.
  2. Get yourself a folder or a small binder and label it: Physics- Force and Motion
  3. Remove homework/class work and readings that have to do with Force and Motion.
  4. LEAVE anything that has to do with Oil Spills.
  5. Put your Force and Motion stuff some place safe.
  6. Wha-la!  You’re done!

2)  We will start work with creating online interactive posters called glogs during the next Block.  Complete: Oil Spill Glog Worksheet #1

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Dec. 13

Block II: Friday, Dec. 10

Block III: Thursday, Dec. 9


3)  You may log onto your Glog to create your profile.

4)  Complete Glog Worksheet #2.  Use the links above and your readings to help you answer the questions

Glog Worksheet #2: The Deepwater Horizon

Glog Worksheet #2: Effects on Wildlife and the Environment

Glog worksheet #2: Cleaning up an oil spill

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday, Dec. 15

Block II: next Tuesday, Dec. 14

Block III: next Monday, Dec. 13

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2 Responses to Homework for the Week of Dec. 6

  1. Kalya says:

    I cant find the answer for question 2 (i have the cleaning up oil spills work sheet)
    the quesion is “Who is reposible for cleaning up oil spills in the US?”

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