Homework for the Week of Oct. 4

Welcome back from Farm School!  Back to our semi-normal programming…

1)  Read “Gravity and Motion”

2)  Complete HW#6: Fallin’ Up

3)  Finish Practice Problems for Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Due date:

Block I:  Thursday, Oct. 7

Block II:  next Tuesday, Oct. 12

Block III: Friday, Oct. 8


3)  Read “Newton’s Laws of Motion”

4)  Complete HW#7: Reaction

Due date:

Block I:  next Wednesday, Oct. 13

Block II: next Friday, Oct. 15

Block III: next Thursday, Oct. 16


Musical Notes:

“Fallin’ Up” is from the debut album, by The Black-Eyed Peas.  Most of you are probably more familiar with their work with Fergie, but this song is from back in the day when they were more underground and performing at local clubs and the college circuit which is how I came to know their music.  Their debut album is called Behind the Front and it was released in 1998.

Here’s the song:

“Reaction” is a song by reggae superstar, Bob Marley.  The reason why I picked this song was because of the chorus line:

“to every little action, yeah yeah yeah
there’s a reaction, yeah yeah yeah”

Although I believe he’s talking about flirting with a girl….maybe he was talking about Newton’s Laws of Motion!

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