Farm School Week Two parent info

Here is the final letter to parents for week 2.  This should have come home yesterday…but just in case.  This has the info on what food you will need to bring on Monday morning.  Please let us know if we’ve missed anything in terms of drivers.

Farm School Final Parent Letter

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2 Responses to Farm School Week Two parent info

  1. spencer says:

    is the formula to calculate average velocity: average velocity= initial velocity -final velocity devided by initial time- final time, or is it Final velocity – Initial velocity…. then divide by 2.

    • tifftai says:

      Velocity is just speed plus direction, so the formula is simply average speed with a direction.
      total distance/ total time with a direction = average velocity.

      once you start subtracting velocities, then you are looking at a change in velocity, rather than the average.

      hope that helps. we can talk about it tomorrow too.

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