Science Class Nuts and Bolts

In class, I handed out the Class Syllabus which included all the important information about the homework policy, what to do if you’re absent, and class expectations.

Here’s a copy  Science Class Syllabus 2010-2011 and our tentative schedule:
September— Science skills, Physics-Force and Motion:  Speed, Acceleration

October—Physics-Force and Motion: Gravity, Newton’s Laws, Fluids

November—Finish Physics, Begin Oil Spills: Chemistry/Physics of Water

December— Oil Spills-focus on Gulf of Mexico spill

January—Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonds

February—Chemistry: Periodic Table, Chemical reactions

March—Earth science: Earth formation and structure, Plate tectonics

April—Earth science:  Volcanoes, Earthquakes;

May—Evolution: Geologic time, Darwin, Natural selection

June—Finish up!

The Science Fair will be scheduled for March 30th.

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