My Summer Vacation

Oh, it was a short short but sweet summer.  I managed to fit in some amazing things.

The route

First of all, after I finished your graders (wooo!),  I cranked up my training for my big bike ride.  Since late February, I had been training for a 200 mile ride from Seattle to Portland and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I managed to raise over $5400 and I rode a total of 208 miles over 2 days.

At mile 45 or so....

I also took a teacher workshop where I learned how to plan a video project with students, how to shoot the video, and how to edit it.  The class was only 3 days long and I have so much more to learn about video.  But here’s what I ended up with.  It’s a bit hokey, and you’ll see some classic amateur mistakes (look for the fluffy thing in one of the’s from the boom mic) but I learned a lot about creating a story, lighting a subject indoors, different shooting techniques and I got an introduction to Adobe Premier, an editing program.  Check out the excellent video quality….way better than my lil’ Flip camera.

This summer, the Exploratorium had an awesome exhibit called Geometry Playground.  I went for the sneak preview at an After Dark event in July.  Sorry, kids…After Dark events are now only for adults, but you will see some kids in the video.  There were exhibits that showed geometric patterns in nature, a giant playground structure made of repeating geometric shapes, a giant spirograph, puzzles with crazy shapes, a big kaleidoscope and more!  The coolest part was the entertainment.  We made it just in time to see an aerialist unravel herself from a piece of cloth as she tumbled down towards the ground.  And, there was another aerialist that performs within a cubic structure.  Check out the video!


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